Triz creates elegant, useful, and compelling digital experiences. We design and build mobile applications, websites and prototypes. We are Artists, programmers, designers and technicians specializing in Interactive, UI/UX Design and emerging media. We can solve the tough UX challenges.

User Needs Analysis

User Experience Design

Information Architecture

Understanding how your users think is the first step to good design. You will learn what your users need through facilitated user research.

A user-centered design process leads to products that are easy to use, making your users productive and successful.


Our work increases the “findability” of your information by organizing it intuitively and creating usable taxonomies, navigation, and search systems.


Digital Information Strategy

Visual Design

Usability Testing

We help organizations assess existing information, then develop strategies and design approaches for people to contribute, discover, and use information.


A visually pleasing look and feel complements your brand and improves user satisfaction.


Hands-on usability tests with real users help you understand what works well for them and what can be improved.